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Our Academics

All our teachers are professional, and ABOVE ALL,
loving, passionate and patient.
They are good at helping students to backtrack
the little "educational blocks"
that have not been well built in the past, rebuild them, so that they can move forwards
with great interest and confidence.
We endeavour to attain and exceed Ontario Curriculum
by the Ministry of Education.

Language Arts


The main goal of our mathematics program is to help every each student love math and succeed in math.  Our program emphasizes the relevance of the knowledge of the basic math skills in real life at all levels. We use creative hands-on teaching manipulatives to make math come alive. We turn boring abstract math concepts into concrete exciting experimental projects, through which our children are free to observe with curiosities, collect data, analyze, generalize patterns and conclude. 


Our Math texts emphasize math teaching from a “problem-solving” point of view. Students learn new skills by making practical and logical applications of those skills previously learned. Our lesson plans are tailor-made according to the students’ learning style.


Our teachers are loving, professional and patient.  They are sensible to different learning styles and fully understand the fact that some students are quicker or slower in pace in math.


Quick students are given more challenging material, so that they can be well supported to aim higher academic goals.


Our teachers always show great patience and wisdom in helping students review and make up for their previously weak areas, especially those who tend to need a  slower pace. Very often when students are "clicked", they are so glad to find they can achieve success in those areas they repeatedly failed in their previous educational experiences. As children increase in confidence in Maths, eventually their turn from uninterested learners to passionate adventurers in mathematics field!


Our students all have experienced significant improvement in their math.

Literature & Arts

Our primary goal is to help our students appreciate the beauty and greatness in the art of literature, so they might passionately love reading and writing from their young ages.


We affirm that students need skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, and we help our students in each area. Our grade one students learn phonics, as well as simple grammar and do journal writing. Our upper grades learn different genres about writing, including poem writing, descriptive writing, informational writing, persuasive writing, letter writing, etc.. Cursive writing begins in grade 3.


Starting from Grade 1, our students read award winning children literature books carefully tailor prepared for them every day. They write book reports and give oral presentations in a class setting. Children inspire one another in their joint learning adventure in class, and contribute to each other's growth with great interest!


We aim to help our students to be able to write with clarity, creativity, and sense of art. Meanwhile we educate them to become happy, compassionate, wise and effective communicators in their real life.


Our children achieve great progress in language arts. Many can write at least two grades ahead of their peers.



In drama, we help students build confidence, and become good public speakers. Our students might not have performing as their career goal, but they have won professional rewards from the drama festival. We help each student get rid of stage fright, and enjoy performing. We study different elements of drama, and practice in our own plays. We practice one-scene acts, musicals, monologues, and puppet shows. We also have lessons on voice, facial expression, gesture, position, etc. We encourage the students to be creative in performing, and discover their own performing styles.

In science, we aim to build students’ curiosity about the nature. We help our students to learn and to discover the physical world around them. We visit the Ontario Science Center regularly to stimulate their imagination and interest. We do science experiments in class to help them get hand on experiences. Students learn life systems, matter and energy, structures and mechanisms, earth and space, etc.. Books, handouts, videos, songs, powerpoint presentations, venturing in the nature, and experimental learning are used to help the students form a better understanding of the subject.  


We always endeavor to make sure each "educational block" is well built.

In music class, we teach the basic elements of music specified to each grade through listening to and performing music by singing and playing the recorder. The students learn to use the correct musical terminology associated with the specific expectations of their grade level as they develop their ability to read and write musical notation. They also learn to identify music from different cultures and how to express what they hear in a clear and coherent way.

It is our aim to spark the interest of our students in the musical world and in expression through song.


In art class we aim to unlock each students creativity and teach them many different cultures and art forms in our daily life. Our purpose is to introduce them to many different techniques and styles and let them explore and come up with their own.

Classes are often given with only simple guidelines in order to help the students to think outside the box and be creative. We also nurture their appreciation and understanding for all types of art. Students will be produce two-and three-dimensional works of art that communicate ideas (thoughts, emotions, experiences)  and learn to identify the elements of design (colour, line, shape, form, texture, space) and be able to use them in ways appropriate to their grade level.

Music & Arts
Social Studies

In social studies, we learn about the history, and we use the skills we learned to solve the modern society problems. Therefore, the students do not get the knowledge only, but also the insight to see through complicated cases and seek for wisdom. We hope our students will grow up to be great leaders and change the world. In case studies, first we teach the facts in history, and lead the students to think: What is the consequence? Is there a better way to handle this? If I were the decision maker, what would I do? Could the similar thing happen again in our society? We want our students to use what they learned to change the world. We provide project-based studies and presentations, as well as historical movies, museum visit, and role play learning opportunities.

Physical Education

In physical education, we aim to build good sportsmanship and a teamwork mentality in every student.  To prepare them for the competitive world, students are given many opportunities to practice their teamwork skills, reflect upon their decisions, and learn from their mistakes. On top of the social development, the emphasis lies on the development of an active living style where students would learn to enjoy exercising, have an understanding of the benefits of being physically active, and develop a personal fitness goal that they would work towards on a daily basis. Throughout the course, students will constantly develop their fundamental movement skills such as qualities of movement (space, time, force, flow, levels, directions, and pathways), loco-motor (running, hopping, skipping, jumping, leading, sliding, galloping), fine-motor, (bending, twisting, turning, rocking, swaying, balancing, stretching, pushing, and pulling), and object manipulation (throwing, catching, striking, kicking, bouncing, and rolling) skills. Students will also build up awareness and respect for the safety of self and others.

Community Life Christian School

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