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 Why CLCS ?


We believe education is not about banking of knowledge, but the making of a masterpiece in the sight of God and men. Each child is a masterpiece in the eyes of the Creator, and they were created not for a temporary meaning, but for the eternal purposes God has assigned for them.  

The main characteristics of our school education are as follows:


1. The "Above-all" Ingredient: TRUTHFUL LOVE

We believe when children are educated in quality love in all truth, they prosper. As a result, they are able to experience the true freedom and abundant life our creator has intended for all to live in.


2. Unique Goals:

We firmly believe Bible is the sole foundation of all truth. Academic wise, we believe it is important to follow Ontario Ministries Guidelines .

We participate in CAT tests each academic year, to make sure that our kids are able to meet/exceed national academic standard. CAT test assesses students with the nationally recognized Canadian Achievement Tests. 

The overall goal for us to do education in a Christian environment is higher educational achievement. Good Christian schools are like good “soil” provided for children to gradually form good quality in their spiritual, mental, emotional, social and communal growth in their important developmental stages.

We ignite passion, curiosity, hunger and thirst for knowledge. We believe INTEREST is the best teacher!

We sharpen and educate each child according to their different learning styles with expertise, so that they might develop creative sound mind for all truth.

We direct the natural “instinct” of self-centeredness to deep love and appreciation of services for the higher good.

3. Small Classroom Size:

Small class size (1:12 max.) allows us to develop personalized lessons, so that our children can learn effectively in a fun, creative, and encouraging way based on their individual learning styles and educational needs.


Meanwhile, in a closely-knit learning environment, teachers are able to develop intimate relationship with each child, so that they could sensitively identify and address unique educational needs.

4. Each Educational Block Well Built:

All our teachers are good at helping students to backtrack the little "educational blocks" that have not been well built in the past. Through rebuilding those blocks, students can move forward with great confidence.

We have successfully helped students in higher grades to rebuild their foundations that were missing or weak in their lower grades. Children become happy, engaged and passionate in the subjects they used to become "uninterested" in, or even "hate".

5.  Our Co-Curricular Activities:

Two concerts a year;
Educational field trips to the Ontario Science Centre, ROM, farms, factories etc.;
Pottery making;
Spelling Bee competition;
Christmas Carol singing at Senior Homes

6. Our school is a member is ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). We take part in activities that happen in our ACSI in a school year around:


Ontario Bible Quest
ACSI Track and Field
ACSI Cross Country
ACSI Sports Tournament (Basketball, Volleyball)
ACSI Science Fair
Ontario’s One Act Play Drama Festival
Ontario Public Speaking Festival
Ontario Chess Tournament
Ontario Student Film Festival
Ontario Math Olympic

Our children have wonderful opportunities in getting engaged in the activities in a wider context, enriched by peers from many other schools in Ontario, and grow up together with all of them!

7. Mid-semester transfer is available at our school.

Community Life Christian School

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