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  • I. What if I am not a Christian, will my child still be welcomed in the school?
    Yes, we fully love, accept, respect and warmly embrace those whose views are different from us! When we express our views, we never intent to discriminate, or hurt any feelings. We encourage and facilitate children to openly express and discuss their different views amicably. We believe openness can facilitate true communication, mutual respect, and genuine friendship. Thus our children are well developed in forming precious friendship outside of Christian circle. They are fully equipped to interface with the world, not with unhealthy fear, or with enmity, but with loving confidence to be good neighbours, and beam for their Creator in their future real work and life circumstances. In general, we firmly believe and honour that God has given each human being a free will to decide for their own value and purpose of life, worldview, and faith. We are grateful that non-Christian parents have an open mind and a trustful heart to send your children to our school. We shall do our best to prove worthy of your trust.
  • II. What if my child is slower than average, would my child feel inferior or overwhelmed by the curriculum requirements?
    As a matter of fact, children develop in different areas according to various paces. We would like to have our children feel at ease as they can work at faster paces in the subjects they show the capacity to be able to progress faster. While in the areas they need more time to grow, they don’t have to feel inferior, or have low self-esteem. We tailor make our curriculum according to the pace of your child, so that they are adequately challenged in all fields of their studies, but they don’t feel overwhelmed. When children don’t have to be over pressured, their stress level is reduced, and their confidence level arises. Moreover, with Principal’s professional and personal care and help in difficult cases, our teachers improve at discerning children’s unique educational styles. We break down “insurmountable difficulties” into small attainable successes, so that the students can finally achieve the “big” success with excitement! Repeated frustrations make children shrink, while affirmation and personally tailor-made progressive achievements make children flourish and shine!
  • III. What if my child is a lot faster than average, will my child feel bored and uninterested in the school?"
    We believe gifted children are precious, because their gifts are from our Creator. Relationship problem, however, is very often the obstacle to a successful life of academically gifted kids. Through years we have observed many kids troubled by their inability to build up meaningful and pleasant relationships with peers, teachers and parents. On one hand, they feel privileged; on the other hand, however, they are frustrated because they do not know how to relate to average children. As a result, their gifts bring to them a lot of jealousies, unhealthy competitions, frustrations and troubles in relationship with their peers. We are here to help. ​ In our school, we make sure our gifted children are sufficiently challenged and grow with their pace aggressively in the academic field(s) they are gifted in. They never get “bored”! Meanwhile, we nurture great understanding in the heart of our gifted children, and the sense of purpose serving with their gifts. ​ We exert a lot of efforts into character building, so that they might be kind, patient, compassionate, giving, and joyful when they discover that their gifts are a blessing when they are empowered to be a good team player working graciously together with others for the higher good.
  • IV. What if my child has relationship problem with peers and teachers, even with parents?"
    To average children, very often, relationship problem is the obstacle to a successful life too. First, without good personalized guidance, many kids can be lost in peer pressure coming from every angle. Sadly enough, peer pressure is the source of many key problems that arise in children development. Many kids are sad about not able to maintain harmonious friendships that are highly important to their growth. Moreover, many children, especially boys, do not know how to handle the strong urges in them to want to compete and overrule others. Those urges, if properly directed, can be healthy and beneficial to make a child succeed. However, if those urges are too strong or even go out of control, a child might become too aggressive, and easily frustrated when their expected goals are not reached. They might, then, have to deal with sense of jealousy, sense of inferiority, sense of being left out, or sense of being withdrawn. Another important factor is that when children are “naturally” directed in their hearts to serve self-centered goals or the gratification of temporary fleshly enjoyment, they become lost easily. Being a member of an active contributing community enables a child discover their true selves, and the true purposes of their lives, so they can build in themselves lasting true contentment, and enduring self confidence for their whole lives! Last, but not the least, a lot of children run into problems in their relationship with their parents, teachers and siblings, because they do not understand the importance of respecting order in a social setting. That is an important area we need to nurture proper awareness and development in our children. We educate our students the value of “respect”, “obedience to authorities above them”, as well as “submission to each other”, so that they might grow into happy contributing members in their family, work place, and other social settings.
  • V. How does Community Life Christian School help with children experiencing difficulties in handling relationships among their peers in school?
    We are always keen to address the problems the time we find them with our educational expertise and quality attention for each unique kid. ​ First and foremost, we would apply our hearts to building a loving and trustful relationship with each child in our day to day school life. When the communication is open and flows well, we would help them identify wrong emotional patterns, attitudes or approaches that might set them up for difficulties in relationships, if there are any. Further on, we teach them how to be transformed into bearing healthy emotional and behavioural fruit synching with eternal truth. ​ We believe indulging or forcing children bind them in bondages of wrong character traits. Only truth set our children free, and keep them growing happily with others. ​ Many children experience life transforming changes in a matter of a few weeks in our school. As they are helped to be free from their anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, grudges, negative attitudes etc., they start leading happy and successful school lives! ​ Of course, we need to recognize that we cannot be the best in every scenario. At times, we have to recommend the parents to seek for other better sources if the children would not cooperate with us, and their behaviour problem has become a trouble to maintaining right orders for a healthy educational environment at the school. Though those scenarios are very few.
  • VI. What if my child has special needs?
    We do have good experiences many kids come to us with special needs, some are ADD, some have Autism, etc.. Amazingly, as they are studying in an environment that is rich in truthful love and sound professionalism in teaching, they become interested, creative, focused, and persevering, so their symptoms gradually diminished. We will do our best to help with your child’s special educational needs under the permission of the capacity of our teaching staffs.
  • VII. What if I am a Christian, and I have found my child(ren) drowning in the world, getting lost in their Christian identity, and I am concerned?"
    Your children need Christian teachers who have calling from loving God in the filed of children education; and who, in their moral character, demonstrate the faith they claim to be living in. Meanwhile, they have sound professionalism in teaching. “Only lives change lives!” In our Christian school, we select teachers according to their Christian faith, their character, as well as their professional expertise and educational experiences. We believe that our teaching staffs all bear responsibilities to teach in such a way that they can well integrate their faith into the subjects they teach, and so they can lead our children into an experiential knowledge of the life changing power of our Creator in class on a daily basis.
  • VIII. I am a parent. What if I am lost in parenting, there are a lot of problems in parenting that I need help?"
    We consider parenting as part of our children’s education. Actually sometimes it is more important than their school life! We are happy to walk with parents through your confusions, struggles and questions. We would give you good advise from our educational expertise to help you understand your child well, so that you might be a loving parent, as well as an intimate friend to your child. Only by building on open, trustful and intimate relationship with your child, will you be able to be effective in communicating with your kid. Further more, when necessary, you can exercise your parental authority to discipline, correct and “prune” your child in the areas that they need to change and improve, without being misunderstood, estranged or rebelled against.
  • VIIII. What if I am from a low income family, and our family cannot afford the tuition, is there any financial help we can get from the school?"
    Yes, it is an educational goal to our school that every parent who feel the need of sound education for their children in biblical truth should have the right to access the resource of our Christian School. ​ Please come to talk to us about your financial needs. We will do our best to help you go through procedures for the resources to help your kids access our education. ​ Those of you who have financial blessings, if you have a burden to give to the future of Kingdom of God by contributing to our second generation, please consider supporting our school by your generous donation, so that we might be empowered to support kids with little financial resources. Please kindly note that our school has not become a charity yet, so your donation does not receive a tax receipt. Thank you for your contribution in the house of God.

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