Application Process:


The application process for Community Life Christian School is efficient. Please complete the following steps:


  1. Download the application package (pdf file). Complete the package, and submit all forms by email or mail to the school with application fee $75, which is non-refundable. The email address is

  2. Provide the school with copies of students’ two most recent report cards, or related assessment files (if applicable).

  3. The Principal will contact you upon receipt of your application. An interview with the principal and/or head teachers will be set up.

  4. Complete a school/classroom tour.

  5. Upon receipt of an acceptance letter, complete the registration process.


It is a hall mark of our school that we would make our Christian school life transforming, quality education available to each and every family who needs it.

Since every family situation is different, in terms of the number of children, family make-up, family income etc.. We would be happy to talk with you in person bout our school tuition policy as you come for a school visit, feeling satisfied with our educational setting,  and would kindly consider to start the journey with us!

Community Life Christian School